[WoW – Hunter] Victor Stillwater, Giant Rider

The last few bits of experience before hitting 78 were quite interesting. What really caught my attention was the opportunity to ride a giant, in order to find an even bigger giant, so that I could beat the stuffing out of said humongogigantinormous person.

The quest line I’m talking about can be found in Zul’Drak (obviously, I decided not to skip it ^_^), and starts off with you finding Gymer, a storm giant, in a cage. After finding some components to create a special batch of Seaforium to blow up his cage, you get to ride on him as part of the quest, “The Storm King’s Vengeance.”

After killing 100 Scourge and two Elites, the final guy shows up, and his name is Thrym, The Hope Ender. Defeating him after going through a veritable gauntlet isn’t easy, but so long as you’re able to command Gymer to grab a storm cloud during the fight to regain HP, everything should go smoothly.

For hunters, the item you’ll want to pick up from the quest will be the Bracers of Vengeful Flight, a pair of nice blue bracers.

Pretty epic actually, and rampaging as on the back of giant is fun. If you haven’t tried it out yet, head over to Zul’Drak and look for the quest at the approximate starting coordinates of 20, 56.

As for a picture, I’m having a bit of trouble with Blogger at the moment, and my pics won’t upload. I’ll update this with pics when I have the chance. 😀

One thought on “[WoW – Hunter] Victor Stillwater, Giant Rider

  1. I only did this quest a few days ago on my main and I really enjoyed it.

    I just wish the giant had yelled "ITS CLOBBERING TIME!"

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