See Final Fantasy XIV’s Upcoming Auto-Attack in Action


It’s been a while since I covered Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve been reading up on the news for it, but there was nothing particularly of note until just recently.

A few hours ago, Naoki Yoshida posted a new Letter from the Director on the Lodestone website and this letter was a rather substantial one for one reason. He added a two-minute video showing of the auto attack function that’ll be making it patch 1.18 of the game. While it’s not 100% perfect as of yet, citing the need “to make major revisions to enmity algorithms, tweak the motion of certain actions (as seen in the above video), and also rebalance a handful of them,” among other things, the news is quite exciting, to be sure.

In any event, you can expect the following changes in the lineup for the future of Final Fantasy XIV:

  • Auto-attack functionality will be prioritized in 1.18.
  • Attack motion diversification and fine-tuning are planned for 1.19.
  • Battle classes only will receive auto-attack.
  • The stamina gauge will be abolished with the introduction of auto-attack.
  • Recast timers will be adjusted for certain actions obtained via quests and guild marks whose action costs were managed solely through the stamina gauge.
  • Certain actions dependent on the stamina gauge will have their effects adjusted.
  • Characters will be made able to switch between passive and active modes while moving.
  • Multiple attacks during auto-attack is also being planned for the future.

Sadly, the testing means that the changes will not take effect as soon as originally planned, and Yoshida estimates “two more weeks beyond the anticipated mid/late-June release date” before the changes to the battle system can be released. I guess July should be an interesting month, then, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “See Final Fantasy XIV’s Upcoming Auto-Attack in Action

  1. Very unimpressed. There is nothing here to hold me. Shut it down after about 1.5 minutes. Fights take too long, and could easily lead to sleeping while playing, which is what would happen a lot in EQ2 as well.

    With today’s console mindset and the need for action style gameplay…a faster GCD and overall active form of combat is needed to survive today’s rut of MMO’s.

    Good luck FFXIV…you’re gonna need it.

  2. It’s a goblin! Yay!

    As someone who grew up in MMOs on FFXI, you know I was wholly stoked for FFXIV and what a disaster it ultimately was at launch. I like the direction the new team is taking, and kudos to them for trying something different while getting away from the things that made the game such a failure at launch. I may give it a shot again when my classes end here in a few months for this year.

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