In Skyrim: Mundane Doings for the Average Argonian

For some reason, I could not think of a way to properly introduce Skyrim on to the blog, as its scope is as large as can be, with varying quests and capabilities being part of the equation of fun. I suppose I should start simply, then.

Meet Stillwater, my Argonian Jack-of-all-trades.After getting a stay of execution thanks to a dragon, he’s been doing all sorts of things to help the populace and terrorize the evildoers of the lands.

For starters, he’s… chopped wood, and frozen bunny rabbits and foxes for their carcasses. He’s also manipulated a set of relationships in Riverwood to allow a bard his comeuppance, because the bards I’ve met in this game tend to be a rather haughty lot. He’s mined, he’s dined, and he’s put swords to the grindstone for sharpening.

If that sounds rather boring, it probably is. It’s a testament, however, to the vastness of scope in the game, that one can do all those things, and still find time to kill dragons as the Dragonborn.

So far, nothing I’ve done has had far-reaching consequences for my game experience, though if there were far reaching consequences, I’d have this overwhelming tendency to research it in advance. For Skyrim though, I’ve found that some guides on enchanting that are most helpful, and I’ve only had to get help when I’m absolutely maddened by the nature of a quest.

Let’s end on a lighthearted note. Here’s an image of a dead foe who had his face caved in with an Ice Spike. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “In Skyrim: Mundane Doings for the Average Argonian

  1. I think Skyrim will be the flavor of the month for quite some time. I haven’t tried mining yet, I should since I want to be able to craft some stuff that will require ore.

    Glad to see you’re having a good time

    • Thanks man. It’s fun, though a bit difficult to write about. I can’t explain why it’s so tough to write about, though one issue is that there’s so MUCH to write about. I have another post that I’m gonna schedule for release in two hours or so. 🙂

  2. “I can’t explain why it’s so tough to write about, though one issue is that there’s so MUCH to write about.”

    That pretty much nails it, yeah XD It’s not a game for the ADHD crowd, that’s for sure.

    • That’s probably why I cut up my entries into significant chunks. Also, I don’t play as obsessively as I used to. 😀

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