Pandas are Fluffier Butt-Kicking Versions of Me!

Basically, the above title states my sentiment rather well. I’m enjoying the Pandaria expansion more than any expansion ever primarily because I skipped most of Cataclysm and am actually playing Cataclysm and Pandaria content at the same time. Everything, as a result, feels new!

Pandaren also don’t make me feel so bad, because they’re rotund, like I am. And they kick ass. 😀

Of course, a Tauren flying kick is still a sight to behold, but a Pandaren Flying Kick is a really close second.

OH! And PET BATTLES ONLINE IS AWESOME. They need to tune some of the abilities for balance though (seeing some very overpowered PVP Pet Battle team-ups reused repeatedly)., but PVE wise it’s fun.

2 thoughts on “Pandas are Fluffier Butt-Kicking Versions of Me!

  1. I love my Pandaran Rogue. Until I can make a Tauren Rogue, this is as close as I’ll get to a really big stealthy character… and there’s just something fun about a sneaky panda.

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