You Games-Meandering Bastard

Yes,Victor, you games-meandering bastard.

You’re playing or trying TOO MANY freaking games.

You have Borderlands 2, Dark Souls PC, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, and Morrowind (using the Morrowind visual enhancer) to tide you over on the non-MMO front.

Then you have an active sub to LOTRO, which you don’t play actively, and WoW, which you’re having trouble connecting to reliably.

AND you got a year’s membership to Pirate101?!


Now you’re considering getting The Walking Dead and subbing to RIFT and getting the Storm Legion expansion? I mean, I understand wanting TWD, but you could never stick to RIFT!

And you want to go back just for the freaking housing?! What the bloody, bloody hell is churning around in your head?

*imaginary hairpull*

For the love of all that is finger-licking good, like fried chicken, curb your purchases, at least till November.



Victor’s Meandering Mind.

8 thoughts on “You Games-Meandering Bastard

  1. It’s the curse of gaming: either we have no money but plenty of time (teens) or we have enough money but no time (once we have real jobs). There doesn’t seem to be much in between.

    …and Pirate 101 is very cool. πŸ™‚

  2. LOL! But you know you’re not alone and we can all help each other through these difficult times.

    *supportive hug*

  3. I am in the same boat. I got XCom, Dishonored and Guild Wars 2 on my “Must play! NOW!” list. Then I got a sub to Final Fantasy XIV going, waiting for the 2.0 relaunch to come to see if I want to keep playing it…

    I also keep meaning to go back to Skyrim and finish a play through of Civilization V I started a while ago as well as actually play Sleeping Dogs. Not to mention that Indie Bundle I haven’t event started.

    To make things worse I am also suffering the siren’s song of Rifts just because of housing.

    Among all this my wall moans in pain and begs for the torture to stop. Poor wallet.
    Among all this

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