Featured Post: How Magic the Gathering Players Transformed Into Poker Pros

Magic: The Gathering and Poker seem to mesh in interesting ways. Screen shot from Wizards.com
Magic: The Gathering and Poker seem to mesh in interesting ways. Screen shot from Wizards.com

Most of us know that playing Magic: The Gathering (MtG) is a ton of fun but it’s a fair bet that most of you have no clue that the game can actually help prepare you for a career. The long hours put in during MtG games and the problem-solving nature of the game can help many later in life.

One path that some MtG players are taking is that of professional poker. The reason is because the money is good.

Depending on who you ask, David Williams or Brock Parker are considered two of the most successful MtG players who have transitioned to the world of professional poker.

David Williams is a poker pro who burst onto the scene in 2004 after finishing 2nd in the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event behind Greg Raymer and taking home $3.5 million. Since that time, Williams has added multiple poker championships including a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet and a World Poker Tour (WPT) title. He also finished first at the 2012 MtG Grand Prix at San Jose California. His career earnings are over $8.4 million in tournaments so far.

Brock Parker has actually been playing pro poker longer than Williams, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he became a household name. He won two bracelets in the summer of 2009 at the WSOP in the same week and has went on to win several titles since that time. With over $2.5 million in total earnings, his success at the tables has influenced other MtG players to try their hand at poker.

Another well-known MtG player to successfully move to poker is Gabriel Nassif. He has two Pro Tour titles, numerous top 8 finishes, and a Player of the Year honor in 2004. In this interview with MtG champ Gabriel Nassif, he talked about how he got introduced to poker and how he plays dozens of events at the WSOP.

Of course, most MtG players will tell you that the game isn’t about money but about the challenge and the fun had while playing tough opponents. With that said, the fact that millions are up for grab each year in the game of poker make transitioning from MtG a tempting choice for many. Williams even said in an interview that as time passes that more and more MtG players will make their way to poker. It seems that the money card is the most powerful of all.

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