WildStar for Less?

I was planning on getting Wildstar to really give it a fair shake.

But I don’t think I can justify spending 60 bucks on something I didn’t enjoy playing because of the UI for the first 15 levels.

I’d have gotten it for 25% off from Greenman Gaming, but it’s not available in my region.

I’ve been told past 15 actually gets better, but I might as well reserve the money for something else or for a sale on Wildstar in the future.

Unless, you know, someone can sway me otherwise?


2 thoughts on “WildStar for Less?

  1. These days, I always buy the slacker special secret edition, that comes with more game time (after I spend the sale discount on a monthly fee or two) and patch content/fixes in exchange for not showing up until whenever the boxes go on sale. I guess it matters if the virtual world pioneer rush matters to you, but it’s not like I have the time to play everything anyway.

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