1000 Words: Stepping into Guild Wars

On the recommendation of Twitter personality Longasc, I went ahead and purchased the Guild Wars games and expansions as my final expenses for 2010. I’m quite impressed by Guild Wars, as I never thought it would actually capture my attention, but then again, I never paid Guild Wars much heed until now.

I started off with a dervish, but found myself getting annoyed with it, so I went ahead and switched the Dervish out for an assassin who will dual-spec into Dervishy goodness in the future. My assassin is currently dual specced as a Ranger, which basically means I’m using my bow more than my knives, but I can do either well enough.

In any event, I’m enjoying the Factions storyline currently, and I’m also looking forward to earning the points required to get goodies for Guild Wars 2. It should prove interesting how all this turns out.

In the meantime, feel free make a caption to the picture of my character above, whom I took a snapshot of while dancing. Cheers!

1000 Words: Twitter is Down for Me, and I Don’t Know Why

For those folks who are using twitter right now, do any of you have any idea what happened recently? Like a downtime or something that went horribly wrong for a few folks like myself?

Would you kindly send me info regarding the status of twitter, or a place where I can send twitter an email saying, “Hey! If you had downtime and fixed everything already, you may have forgotten about me!” or something to that effect.


EDIT: And yes, that was an intentional BioShock reference there. šŸ˜€