Five MMOs I Look Forward to Playing

As a tourist to various MMO and single-player gaming worlds, I find myself looking forward to a ton of different games every year. This year is no exception, though I can say that I am looking forward to seeing a ton of MMO goodness within the next year or so.

Based on what I’ve gathered, you can find a list of five MMOs I’m raring to play below, listed according to when they’ll be released.

1. Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

RELEASE: June 21, 2011

This game is supposed to be rather niche, but has the potential to be quite interesting. Since it uses Roman mythology and history as a backdrop of sorts, it’s already painted itself into quite a specific audience compared to other fantasy settings. The one thing I think that really makes me interested in this game is the Estate System.

This estate system basically gives players the ruins of their old home, which they would then have to develop through the course of the game by gathering loot, investing in it (I’m assuming here) and basically making a name for themselves. It should be nice to see a full-blown estate with statues and stuff, and seeing it grow from a ramshackle tent community into a small chateau is going to be mighty interesting.

2. The Completely Revamped Pay-to-Play Version of Final Fantasy XIV

RELEASE: Unknown, though incremental updates are paving the way.

As I’ve said before, Final Fantasy XIV is not perfect. However, with a new director helming the project and the game taking an altered course through the sea of MMO games available to the gaming market, I hope that it won’t be too late for FFXIV to make a resurgence as a game more people will find worthwhile to play.

The changes and revamps are supposed to include an improved combat system, less harrowing crafting, and tons more content for people of all levels and ranks to enjoy within the game.

3. Guild Wars 2

RELEASE: According to the GW2 Website, “When it’s finished.”

I think many MMO players are excited for GW2, mostly because it promises to bring a high-quality MMO experience without having to pay for more than the box or digital download for the game, meaning that some non-essential aspects will be fueled by microtransactions.

Of course, that’s not the main reason why GW2 is interesting.

I’ll let the video below explain it better:


4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

RELEASE: Possibly within 2011, if recent reports are accurate.

I’m also excited to try this game out, but then again, I’m more a fan of Trek than Wars. There is, however, a big part of me that wants to step into the shoes of a stormtrooperish looking outfit so I can start doing the Dancing Chewbacca.

Whatever the Dancing Chewbacca is (I hate spelling Wookiee as I tend to get it wrong).

5. Archeage

RELEASE: Honestly, who knows?!

This game is currently in closed beta testing in Korea, which means that we may not see it until a long time after. That said, the game is supposed to promise a sandbox attitude to the themepark traditions, seeing as you can make class combinations, craft houses, and basically do what you want when you want.

Of course, these sorts of promises have been made before, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, below is a video of the game: