I Dreamed a Dream (An Old Republic Song)

For reference, please sing these lyrics to Susan Boyle’s version.

I dreamed a dream of subs gone by
When hope was high and life worth living
That Old Republic wouldn’t die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving…

I once was young and unafraid
And subs were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
For content done. Now whines are wasted…

But the Earnings Call’s in sight
Investor voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hopes apart
And they turn your dreams to shame!

And I’d still I’d dream of subs, you see
That TOR would live the years in splendor…
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather.

I had a dream TOR’s life would be
So different from this hell it’s living
So different from what it seemed
Bad choices killed a dream I dreamed….

More Butchered Song Lyrics: Stillwater’s First Day of Cataclysm


Notes: Cataclysm began in my country at 4pm of Tuesday. I rolled a Goblin Hunter named Lucretinker on the Nagrand Server, and boy, has hunter play change. I don’t even use mana anymore!

Was sitting here in my boring room
Was just another sunny Tuesday afternoon
Was wasting my time, I had nothing to do…
Just hanging around, a Twittering fool
But something’s s’posed to happen, and I wonder…

Went driving around in my car
Bought Cata at last, came back home before  four.
Installed that sucker, patched it up
Waited a bit ’cause the servers went bust
And something’s spose’d to happen, and I wonder…

Logged onto WoW and wondered why
I Rolled a Goblin Hunter from the Kezan Isle
When all that I would see
Is Deathwing flying over me.

Enslaved on a ship, almost drowned
Ended on the Lost Isles where Thrall and I found
A pact so we’d be free
To be Horde and make tons of money!

*a la-dee-da interlude*

I’m sitting here,
Playing for hours
S’posed to take my goblin through the back to Azshara.

But there’s a couple dailies I did instead
Leveled  my tradeskills, Killed chickens dead.
Well, nothing ever happens, and I wonder…

Isolation is not good for me.
Isolation! I don’t want to do quests with just my crab and me!

I’m stepping around in Azshara, Oh Boy!
Killed sixty naga with goblin made mortars.
I’d rather punch a dragon, and I wondered…

I wonder how, I wonder why
I couldn’t rocket jump to punch him in the eye,
Back there in Ol’ Kezan
To show the people I’m the man!

I’m thinking instead about how
I’d spec into beast mastery and make a vow
To punch him in the face
And turn him to a big disgrace!

And I wonder, I wonder!

I wonder how, I wonder why
I rolled a goblin hunter from the Kezan Isle
When all that I would see
When all that I would see
Is Deathwing flying over me.

Music Geekery: Ellie, My Love and the song of three cultures


I’m a music lover at heart, and one of the things I did when I started a general blog for myself was to make a write-up on Japanese Enka music featuring Jero. Recently, a post on a Philippine anti-Cosplay blog (The trolling attempts are hilarious in their failure to get the authors to become angry, and some of the anti-Philippine cosplay posts have some justifiable basis) made me take notice of how some Philippine songs actually have a Japanese basis or are potentially ripped off.

I did a bit more digging, however, and found that some songs really do have foreign covers with different lyrics, so I suppose a little artistic license is alright. Let’s take a look at one song from Japan that has made its way into American and Philippine culture. It’s called Itoshi no Ellie in Japan, and is otherwise known as Ellie, My Love in America and Honey My Love (So Sweet) in the Philippines.

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The Emotion of Sound: An Alternative Reason for Wanting to Play Final Fantasy XIV


It all started with Final Fantasy VII. Aerith died, the music played, and the realization that video games could evoke emotions like sadness dawned on me. It was a single moment, punctuated with music that struck the heart, and it steered me towards an appreciation for gaming.

With that appreciation for gaming comes a longing, however. There are times when, like a personal orchestra, a song will play in your head and won’t disappear: the soundtrack of your life, some folks call it. It comes and goes and the song changes, but when that song plays, you can’t help but remember things, pieces of memories or adventures you’ve had in the real world or in your mind, and you feel things you ever thought you would feel (or would have to feel again).

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Has Anybody Here Seen My Corpse?

Post and nostalgia inspired by Syp of Bio Break and Ysharros of Stylish Corpse. Please bear with me.

Long long ago, in the twentieth century, I was a high school student who had seen something that looked 100% awesome: it was a a multi-page spread on a magazine known as Inquest/Inquest Gamer about a marvelous new game that had come out. It was called Everquest, and it was something they called an MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, and at the time, I never knew something like that could exist.

Apparently, people could actually play a game with hundreds of other folks at the same time on something called a server, and those people could play a game set in an intricate and harsh world that allowed for a new sort of role-playing opportunity that wasn’t known to Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy VII and Xenogears.

I wanted to play that game so bad for months… until I finally grew out of that phase and thought that I would never be able to play that game ever.

Now, in the twenty-first century, I am reminded of that short anecdote because Syp and Ysharros are talking about that game’s successor, Everquest 2. Apparently, it has tons of classes and races, and is supposed to be awesome. Unfortunately, I missed out on buying it because I still have a sub to LOTRO, and I bought Fallout 3: GOTY on Steam instead.

Methinks that I might give it a try in the future though, if the price comes down again. Thing is, I have no idea which version to get… only the nagging impression that I SHOULD be a monk in some capacity.

That said, it’s something to ponder for the future, and something I will definitely look into when the buying price goes down again. Till then, have a bit of nostalgia on me. Here’s Electric Fun Stuff’s Has Anybody Here Seen My Corpse? for your enjoyment, along with a link to download their music.


[Music Geekery] – Meet Jero, the American-born Japanese Enka singer

Like I mentioned in my very first post on this blog, this blog isn’t just about videogames. Sometimes I’ll come up with a gem from the internet and want to post it here. In this case, I’d like to introduce you to a new musical find I’ve just spotted. His name is Jero, and he’s an American-born Enka singer.

Wikipedia’s entry on Jero has more information on the fellow, but let me say this at the very least: the guy sings Enka very well. If you check YouTube for Umiyuki by Jero, you’ll find a somewhat silly, yet enjoyable music video.

Also, CNN’s Talk Asia has done an interview with him that was also quite informative. You can view it below… if I got the html right.